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Hello there

I am trying my best to start a video blog but it’s not working out the way I thought so it might be a good idea to start a temporary writing blog and see how it goes. Initially I thought that writing was easy, until I’ve decided to try my hand at it myself. It’s easy to write but what’s hard is writing in a way that people would be interested in reading what you write and to make sure that your writing is easy enough to read and that it “flows” (not repeating yourself and obvious spelling mistakes that I’d kick myself later)

What’s with DijonVu?

I realised that if I need to create a website that the domain name was short, memorable and tongue in cheek, so naturally I decided to scour the internet for names. It was hard, most names that I have found was taken up, otherwise they've been bought up by domain providers which charge a lot of money to realise them for you. It was by chance that I found the name for DijonVu through searching quotes on the internet (something that I do a lot on the net if I am REALLY bored!) and luckily it was available to buy.

So this website is…

At the moment I decide to use this platform as a blog and a way to voice my opinions. All of this is my own little ranting corner and philosophy. Have a look around and if you have an opinion on something I wrote don't forget to drop me a line on the E-mail above.

Victor Li